Driving every successful brand is a positioning strategy that delivers market leadership, customer loyalty and profit. In a world of fast moving consumer brands, competitive landscape becoming increasingly complex and brutal, are you in a position to lead through proactive strategies or follow with reactive campaigns?

No brand is too big, too well established or market dominant, to rest on its laurels. Market intelligence is crucial in giving you time to react to market trends and protect against emerging competition, so won’t you rather dig your well before you get thirsty? Good management can recognize a threat, but strong management knows how to act and when to react.

What is it exactly that delivers marketing advantage? The best product you may think. The paradox in business is; while everyone strives to offer the better product, believing that’s what it takes to win, it often turns out to be the wrong strategy.

Why? Because it is not within a brand’s control to determine the better product, consumers or prospects are the ultimate deciders of who has the better product. Profoundly, consumers naturally perceive the brand market leader in any given industry to be offering the better product.

Today’s customers are better informed, becoming more demanding and the fight for competitive edge will never cease to be fierce, especially when the main battle field is in the customers mind…can you afford to be left behind? Or rather keep pace, step up and position for brand market leadership:

  • How can brand equity management drive market leadership? 98% of world population recognizes the Coca-Cola brand and the brand's worth on equity-excluding products & asset is a record $687.7m) you need to move you brand from its current market position.
  • what strategies and processes need to be implemented?
  • What makes digital/ social media marketing great and how can you leverage on dynamic and innovative use of social technology?

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BBCS was a knowledge sharing forum with great insight into creating brand value & communicating some with its benefits.

~ Ehi Braimah
Neo Media

A good refresher on how well to build and sustain a good brand that delievers on core objectives.

~ Ayinda Sofela Soaga Akeem.
Ogun State Television
General Manager

The reource persons & organisers made it possible for us to discuss the issue of branding in public & private sectors with ease.

~ Olayonu Yusuph.
Ogun State Commissioner

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