Graphics Design & Print Media

When words alone aren’t enough, voice not too loud to be heard, images fail to communicate, how do you reach your audience, how in the world do u deliver your message? …You need a “combo”, oh! Yeah, you‘ve just got to combine it all. And that combination code is called Graphics Design. But hey, don’t stop there-move your message around…finish it with a Digital Print.

Let’s share our graphics & print perspective with you, just another reason to choose us:

A mix of Art, Creativity and Technology
Today’s marketplace is overwhelmed by products’ similarities and diversities, marketing messages so excessive it has become extremely difficult to capture the target audience. Getting or holding the required attention needed to convey specific messages has become quite competitive. It now requires a high level of Art, blended with Creativity, in a world driven by Technology. Oh! That’s not all, but also topnotch Expertise.

At DSR we understand graphics design to be a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. More so, we believe that ideas are not just to be communicated, but more importantly to be expressed, messages should translate sheer communication to become “Shared Experience”.
To ensure that our esteemed customers stay ahead we moved swiftly to extend our delivery of value experiences by engaging in cutting edge Digital Print Media production and service. With our suite of digital Direct Imaging (D I) and Large Format printing machines assembled in place just to help you” multi- colorfully” express yourself (in thoughts and business ideas).
So if you are looking to express your messages best using any of these elements:

  • Business Logo
  • Business stationery (business card, letter head paper, invoice/receipt, memo pad etc.)
  • Company profile
  • Information brochure
  • Annual report booklet
  • Magazine
  • Marketing leaflet
  • Marketing handbills (flyer)
  • Calendar
  • Menu booklet
  • Contact directory
  • Newsletter
  • Notepads/message paper
  • Other graphic and print solutions

  • We are simply delighted to support your “swaager” with…graphics that speaks…colors that are beautiful…ideas that win, and…united minds at work. “Express yourself”.