What We Do

In 8 years we have been on a journey- coming from somewhere and heading to somewhere, we have made history; we have experienced evolution, but the one thing constant is that we keep discovering business solutions that deliver “Value Experience”. We just simply provide Integrated Business .

We are propelled by passion, inspired by our vision, set on a mission, with a mix of functional/emotional propositions designed with utmost desire to deliver “value experiences”.

Business & Event Branding

In a world of competitive brutality, product or service information overly available with limited assimilation capacity, marketing success and sustainable brand growth largely becomes a function of; identifying valuable brand propositions, strategic application and creative integrated brand communications.

Your brand is your identity; branding is your soul of expression- and chief decider of customer awareness, patronage and loyalty. Successful strategic brand development- designed to deliver “Brand Experience” is what makes the difference between you and your competitors. more>>

IT Business Solution

“Solution is the destination, Business is the journey, IT is the vehicle and DSR is the driver.
At DSR, we develop bespoke IT business solutions, informed by business need analysis or specific client requirement, designed not only to deliver functional viability, but also provide enhanced performance and sustained growth. Aided by research and analytical skills, we help our clients identify business bottlenecks, defining solution architecture and framework that fosters seamless operations with desired impact on the overall bottom line result.
Our solutions are designed with focus to eliminate distance barriers, effectively disseminate information within and outside organization, and automate business processes. Consequently, allowing our clients focus on their core competence as we provide technological expertise and support, also ensuring return on IT investment. more>>

Graphics & Print Media

When words alone aren’t enough, voice not too loud to be heard, images fail to communicate, how do you reach your audience, how in the world do u deliver your message? …You need a “combo”, oh! Yeah, you‘ve just got to combine it all. And that combination code is called Graphics Design. But hey, don’t stop there-move your message around…finish it with a Digital Print.
At DSR we understand graphics design to be a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. More so, we believe that ideas are not just to be communicated, but more importantly to be expressed, messages should translate sheer communication to become “Shared Experience”. more>>

Business Strategy & Development

From our wealth of research and experience we recognize that though a great business starts with just an idea, it requires a great deal of expertise in its implementation and development. Businesses are established for many reasons but mostly the cardinal objective is to make profit and be successful. Unfortunately the path of success is never always smooth.
Overcoming the fierceness of competitions, the complexities of markets represents an unavoidable need that calls for a critical solution- informed by experiential knowledge. Helping you develop a clear-cut business process and strategy is what we enjoy doing at DSR. From Business Plan Development, Feasibility Analysis, Market Strategy, Market Research Consultation and Business Awareness/Promotion are all part of our tailored solutions designed just to aid you realize your optimum potentials and actualize your business dreams.more>>